Quote Roller

From their About page:

Quote Roller was created in 2011 to solve a critical business issue – delivering beautiful purpose-driven sales quotes to potential clients. It is no longer 1995 where quotes are text documents faxed to a potential client. The world has evolved, and it is time that proposals are elegant, dynamically driven, and efficiently produced.

Today, Quote Roller is winning awards left and right for doing just that.


Website: QuoteRoller.com


From Contract.ly’s About page:


Hey 2014 … 1975 called and they want their contracts back.
You can almost hear it. Someone looking for a paper contract, stored in a metal filing cabinet somewhere. Untraceable, unsearchable, unconnected to what’s happened since it was signed in 1975.

Contracts – are the legal foundation of doing business with others. They contain key business data that is the foundation for partner and customer relationships. But they are still mostly done on paper and sent for review, editing and signing, even in the face of major shifts in how companies of all sizes do business. Even though CRM, ERP and team software tools in the cloud are being adopted at an increasing pace, contracts have been trapped in the past.

Contractually was born out of the frustration of working in such a painful, paper-plenty process while living in a digital world. Contractually can be summed up in the question, “why send a document to a person when you can invite them in?” Words like invite, share, collaborate, visibility, search … they are the heart of our contract automation software aimed at making the contract process dramatically easier and faster to complete. So you can get on to the real task of building and managing your business relationships.

Website: Contract.ly